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    question about dead docket

    What is the name of your state? ga.
    if a case is put on dead docket, does it go on your record or is it as if it never happened? it was a misdemeanor? thanx...

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    Here are two definitions for you.

    Dead Docket: Charges dropped / no further action taken, it is usually attached to other charges that the offender plea-bargained on.

    Dead Docket - Non-conviction: Often seen in Fulton, Georgia. Not enough evidence that shows the defendant is guilty or that he is innocent. So case is set aside. If not brought back up, case is closed.

    Courtesy of [url]http://www.background-checks-systems.com/criminal_definitions.htm[/url].


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    Dead Docket

    In 2003 I was charged with criminal damage to property criminal trespass and theft by taking. The criminal damage was a felony but it shouldn't have been. I broke a window out of a truck and took my cell phone and the title to my car. His girlfriend said I beat the truck with a hammer and I had witnesses to what happened. And the guy that owned the truck wasn't the one to file charges. His girlfriend did. I had a court date and was never called up. I went to my public defender to see what was going on and she said my case was Dead Docket the charges was dropped. If I had known the truth about what dead docket really was I would have done my best not to let it happen. I didn't get to defend myself and didn't get a fair hearing. The guy is no longer in the US and the truck isn't either. Recently i applied for a job that required a criminal background and went to the court house to get a copy and they told me the charges were never dropped that they could be brought up at anytime. i never got to defend myself and my witnesses are gone. I have asked the district attorney to charge me or drop the charges and they are ignoring me. Is there anything I can do to get this dropped and get the arrest off my record, I'm a single mom of three and can't get a job to support myself and kids. We are currently living in the womens shelter. If they eventually drop it how long does it take. I don't have any money to pay an attorney. I hope you can help me out

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