What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? PA

I am being investigated for welfare fraud in PA, I know this only because they contacted my employer to obtain income information. I have not yet been contacted personally but would like to try and resolve this matter as soon as possible.

A few years ago my husband left me and I obtained medical assistance and food stamps for my daughter and myself (husband was fired and we lost the coverage we had eventually). He does pay child support of about $300 a month, which I did claim on my initial application. I rec'd about $385 a month in food stamps for my daughter and I.

I finally was able to find a part time job, I tried to report this about two years ago during one of the 6 month reviews. I did not mail (because they lose everything) but I hand delivered this info at a drop box they have in their office. None of my benefits changed, so I assumed that I didn't make enough for it to disrupt my benefits.

Then last summer I got a letter from them saying that they didn't receive my 6 month review paperwork (that I hand delivered) so they were removing me and my daughter from medical assistance and the food stamp program. I just let it go because I no longer wanted to be on the program and thought that I could just go to clinics instead, and cut back on food - I could at least get by without it (no one wants to be on assistance if they don't have to be, it is embarrassing).

Then a month or so ago an investigator came to my employer investigating me for welfare fraud. They were given the same income info I had hand delivered to them (and they apparently lost) by my employer.

I make around 10k a year now, not including support (the only info they did have).

I'm finally trying to get my life together and get out of the financial rut I have been in (for several reasons I won't get into) by going back to school etc. I want to know what I can do to make this better? My main concern is staying out of jail because I have sole custody of my daughter. I would gladly repay anything that was overpaid to me and do community service etc. whatever was needed to pay back what I owe to them and keep out of jail, and hopefully keep my record clean. I have absolutely no criminal record at all. Do I get a lawyer now? Do I wait till they actually contact me? I don't want to constantly live in fear of this, and I am not sure how to approach it.

I understand I should have got on them to make sure they rec'd my new info, I realize my stupidity now. I was taking advantage of them whether I knew it or not. Please help. =( Will they just show up at my house and arrest me one day? Or will I get something in the mail for a court date first?