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    mohadeeb Guest

    auto accident on privite property in georgia

    i was recently backed into bye a fellow employee @ work she called me and let me know that she did i had a scratch on the car in that area before she hit me lower and did much more damage than i had there before on my car she wants too fix the problem but she wants too cary my car too a friend what rights do i have if it happenned on private property in georgia no police report was filed she does not want too use her insurance and if she just fix her damage the car wont look right ?

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    Vincent Cosent Guest

    What do you want?

    talk to her,the police,your insurance,your parents and then decide. Time is important to as is extent of damage from a legal standpoint.

    Private property is not a factor.

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    VC is right, private property is not a factor. I would hurry and make a decision asap. Your best bet may be to let her fix the vehicle because without a police report or witnesses she can easily deny she hit you and her insurance company won't pay if she denies it. What makes you beleive that if she has the damages repair, the car won't look right?

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    In reading the post, it appears that the responses so far have missed something.....
    You said, "she hit me lower and did much more damage than i had there before" and "if she just fix her damage the car wont look right ?"

    From these statements, I assume that you are wanting her to do a complete repair, including the previous damage, and THAT is your concern. If correct, the 'fellow employee' is under NO obligation to repair the pre-existing damage. Your only expectation should be that she would pay for the damage SHE caused, and you pay for the rest.

    Example: $500 damage to car before this 'accident', $550 after. The 'fellow employee' is only liable for the $50.00 that SHE caused, you are liable for the rest.

    And since your car was already damaged before this accident and YOU chose to not repair it, it will be very hard for anyone to determine the value of the damage that she did. Simply, negotiate some settlement for her damages and 'pony' up YOUR money to fix it correctly, so it will "look right".

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    Vincent Cosent Guest

    Halkert is correct

    and just want to add that in Illinois damage of more than 500$ requires a crash report to be filed with police. Your state may have similar requirement.

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    mohadeeb Guest
    i dont want her tooo fix former damage just tooo fix the damage she made got several estimates just on her damage still doesnt want too pay i will file the claim with her insurance company there is witnesess and i did take pictures of her car and mine

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