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    Can I still seek medical treatment after iv sent my demand letter to adjuster?

    Virginia: Rear ended at stop light in June. 3 months of chiro and PT I was feeling 90% better. I waited it out to see if I was going to see the pain in the injured areas come back. I went to urgent care to see if they could tell me what was going on with the pain in my rhomboid muscle and up the side of my neck into my inner ear. They suggested more PT. I never followed up from it as I own my own business that has only been open a year. The first 3 months of PT took me away from work a lot and I couldn't do that again. Plus, I couldn't even claim lost wages bc I didn't technically receive a pay check. The funds just go into out account. Anyway, I didn't have any treatment for the last 5 months. (Even when I had insurance through my job of 10 years previously, I only seen a doctor 5x. I don't like going unless emergency) I thought I was ok and that bc I was released from the chiro at 90% that it was in my head. But the pain was slowly returning. The adjuster kept calling asking if I was done treating. I don't have insurance so I was nervous to go to the doctor and the adjuster not pay. I'm a very honest person who is niave and non experienced with the whole injury/claims deal. So I sent her a demand letter asking for xx amount. She denied it and gave no counter offer. The amount she first sent me was my bills plus 1,000 for pain and suffering. I'm scared bc the pain is still here and seems to only be getting worse. My business that I own is a gym. So, as you can expect the pain effects me everyday. I also have a special needs adult who lives with me permanently that I care for. So the fear of still having pain, jeopardizing my business and still running a household with a settlement of 1,000 to myself doesn't feel right. I think if it was just a simple muscle strain or similar that it should have healed by now. I fear there is something worse going on. Now, I feel like a dummy for not going back earlier and saying hey,no, something isn't right. So my question is 1. Did I wait too long between treatments and 2. Can I still seek medical treatment after negotiations have started?
    I'd really like to get an MRI somehow to rule out any other damage and to see if this is just something I'll have to learn to live with. Any info is appreciated. Again, I'm not trying to be deceitful at all. Just feel iv kicked myself in the butt for not taking care of myself as thoroughly as I should have and scared for my future now.

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    It's not too late if you haven't signed anything but you're going to have to start prioritizing your doctor's advice if you want to get better. You may also want to consult a lawyer.

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