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    My friend bought a used car about month ago and financed it at a finance company. He recently drove it though an automatic car wash and immediately began having trouble. Upon taking it to a mechanic he was told that the entire electrical system is shot due to a short. The mechanic asked if he had taken the car to an automatic car wash, to which he replied in the affirmative. He was informed by the mechanic that it is probable that the pressure of the water in the car wash is what caused the electrical system to short out. He then took the car to another mechanic who told him much the same thing and that it will take $2000 to get the car fixed. My friend is on disability and on a fixed income and can not put out $2000 to have the car fixed, and besides, he is still having to make the car payment at the finance company. His daughter talked to a fellow who works at the car wash (gas station, convenience store, etc...)who informed her that several cars have been damaged in a similar manner by going throught the car wash. He went on to say that the company had been known to pay for the damages to these automobiles. What is the first step my friend should take to try and get the company to pay to get his car repaired? I told him to check and make sure that there is no sign posted at the carwash in which the company denies any responsibility for damages to vehicles due to going through the wash. He said there is not. Where does he go from here?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    He first saves his receipt for the car wash and takes a picture now to show there is no sign warning of the danger. Then has a choice. He can write a demand letter and send it to the owner of the car wash -- who probably will say "not my fault"; or he can take it to a lawyer who will write a "LAWYER'S DEMAND LETTER" and suggest that unless the shop pay in full he will seek broader relief and represent multiple plaintiffs and want punitive damages -- unlikely but who knows; or he can go right to small claims court. But he would need to prove that excess pressure creates the damage in order to recover, and that would likely require an expert.

    One other thought, contact the Better Business Bureau, and the local consumser hot line service at a local paper or radio or TV station.

    This is intended as general information only, NOT legal advice. You are not my client and I have no obligation of any kind to you. To retain a lawyer I suggest you go to www.AttorneyPages.com.
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