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    Close call with neighbor's trash cans!


    I am from Texas and this is my story. For a while now I_ve been having problems with my neighbor placing their two trash cans in front of my driveway blocking more than half of the entrance to my property. They usually place them there Thursday night for Friday morning pickup. Well last night I was about to pickup my wife from work and when I was backing out of my driveway my 7 year old son said, _Dad stop!_ I was close to hitting those two heavy trash cans head on. Now I do not have good young eyes as my sons and worst yet there are no street lights so it is pitch black and unable to see what I am backing into. I_m worried that eventually there will come a time where I will be backing up by myself and hitting those two stupid trash cans causing damage to my vehicle. If such event was to unfold what can I do and what would be my options? Would their home insurance pay for damages to my car?
    What I_ve done so far is taken pictures and then taped a piece a paper on each their trash cans and wrote on the paper _please do not block my drive way_ and towed both of the trash bins in front of their property as it should be. That worked okay for about a month but now they are doing it again. If anything I think it_s the neighbor_s kids that are doing it. For those that are wondering why they are putting their trash bins in front of my property their explanation is since we live in a circle they want to make it easy for the trash man to back up and pick up the trash bins. Of course this is at my expense. The other problem I_ve had with my neighbor_s trash bins is they would place them in front of my mail box on the curve. The bins were so close to the mailbox that the mail man could not get to our mailbox when he would deliver mail in his vehicle. So he wouldn_t bother to leave any mail for that day. Keep in mind that trashes pickup usually comes around 8am yet the neighbors let their trash bins sit there all day until the evening even though they are home all day. In that situation I called the police and filed a report. The police agreed with me that it made no sense why the neighbors place their trash bins in front of my property but they could not do anything about since the bins are not actually on the soil of my property and that they are sitting on the public street. They said the only advice they had is to take it to small claims court. Although since then they are good about leaving ample space for the mail man to get to our mailbox. Any suggestions would be greatly appricated.

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    Be real careful backing out.

    You have idiots for neighbors and that is not about to change.

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    Thursday night after they put their trash cans across your driveway you go and move the cans back in front of their property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seniorjudge
    Be real careful backing out.

    You have idiots for neighbors and that is not about to change.
    I suppose you are right gentelmen. It's a loosing battle with my neighbors. Thanks for you alls responses.

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