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Thread: Contact Lenses

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    kristinwolke Guest

    Contact Lenses

    NJ -- My roomate is a NJ taxi driver and he has been very busy -- working all hours of the night and day. This afternoon he actually had a cancelled pick-up at JFK and went to his eye doctor to pick up new contacts. He has had the same ones in for 3 months now and they are very irritating to his eyes.

    He usually works during the hours of the day that they are open and is saving money to buy a house and cannot afford to take off work during the day.

    When he arrived at the eye doctor, the secratary told him he needed a check up before they would give him new contacts. Then she told him they were closing in 20 minutes and that was not enough time to give him an exam. He explained his situation to the secretary, saying that he was having problems seeing and that he would schedule an appointment next week (he needs to give notice at his job) and requested to pay for a pair to hold him over. She refused. Is there anything he can do? What if his eyes get infected because of the protein buildups on his contacts? (He cannot see very well without them) What if he got into an accident driving someone home because of this? Is there any legality of this secretary refusing to replace his worn contacts?

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    How come he does not wear glasses? In the event he lost his contacts or they tore, what would he do?

    What prevented him from making an appointment when they first began bothering him?

    If he has protein build-up only 3 months after starting to wear them, he is not following proper cleaning of the lenses.

    He can always purchase the same lenses online.

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    kristinwolke Guest


    I am not sure why he does not wear glasses (possibly price?)

    They first became a nuisance to him on Wednesday, but he could not get off of work. He bought an enzyme cleaner and used it to no avail. When he called they told him to come in to the office. (no appt.s necessary, it's in a mall) This was the first time he had a chance to see them.

    He has disposable contacts, Usual wear time is approx. 2 - 2 1/2 months, some people attempt to wear them longer (i know for a fact he cleans them thouroughly-- he is very anal about things likr this.

    If he purchases the lenses online, he needs to wait at least 4 more days if not longer for them to arrive. Since this was the first time he had time off, he went in and was told he needed to get his eyes checked again.

    Wouldn't it be better for the patient to receive the SAME contact prescription he is presently wearing (but new and clean and free of buildup) or to make him wear the old ones until he can come in for a new test (more $$ for them), to make sure his vision is the same??

    He could either be pain free and see with the same prescription with new contacts -or- suffer with the old ones until he gets free time to get a new test.

    I just do not see the logic.

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    Eyeware and contact lenses are dispensed by prescription, just like drugs. Those prescriptions are only good for set period of time and when they expire, new eyeware or contacts cannot be sold to that person. The eye doctor could end up in deep poopoo if the sold the contacts. He was just following the law.

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    People who wear contacts should always have a backup pair of glasses. Things could always happen--even to pink eye.
    Word to the wise...

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    kristinwolke Guest

    thank you

    thanks to all who replied! i did not realize he could be introuble for dispensing a new set -- was only thinking that since they would be the same prescription as the current dirty ones it would be ok. I was thinking the dr. would get in deep "poopoo" if he did not take any action -- and would give him a spare set so his eyes would not get infected. I showed him this post and he told be the secretary was very rude and he appreciates the replies.


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    I wear disposable contact lenses. They are only to be worn for 10 days then a new pair are put on. Your friend should not have only one pair of lenses. My eye doctor gives me 6 months worth of lenses.

    Plus, if they are disposable he does not need to clean them. You just wear them for the specified time and throw them away.

    If you meant he has extended wear lenses, he should have been cleaning them with the enzyme cleaner every time he is cleaning them.

    Are you sure he is being seen by a optometrist that specializes in contact lenses?

    Cal Naughton, Jr.: I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger.
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