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    property damage /statute of limitations

    I live in New Jersey.
    About 2 1/2 - 3 years ago my wife was helping a neighbor get rid of some bulk garbage.
    In the process my wife backed a trailer into the neighbors mobile home damaging
    1 piece of skirting and a support jack. The Jack was rotted from water damage
    along with most of the other jacks holding up the mobile home. Now here we are almost
    3 years later and they want to sue us for replacement of the entire skirting around
    the house and all of the jacks. They are stating that because my wife broke the one
    jack it put extra pressure on the other ones causing the other jacks to begin failing.
    My questions are, is this still withing the statue of limitations for New Jersey?
    And can I be held responsible for all of the structural damage even though all of
    the jacks are rotted from water damage and are around 15 years old?

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    According to my training stuff from work, PD SOL is 6 years in NJ. However if they failed to mitigate their damages by not completing the repair in a timely manner, leading to additional damage beyond what was directly caused by the accident, you are not responsible for that additional damage. You are also not responsible for any damage present BEFORE the accident happened. Let your insurance company handle it.

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    SOL 6 years.
    Contact your auto insurance company. (Which you should have at the time of the incident)

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