What is the name of your state? Texas

When an attorney says I have up to 2 years to do something about filing a suit for a Slip & Fall, does it mean to have it filed in the courthouse before the 2 years are up or something else?

On 7/29/00, I was walking out of Wal-Mart and stepped onto the parking curb (one at end of row w/ the red decorative rocks and trees within it). When I got closer to my vehicle, I stepped down with my right foot to walk alongside my truck. As I was stepping down with my left foot, my right foot simultaneously turned completely over causing full impact and breaking both bones in my left ankle. Later on I realized that the cement (curb) and blacktop pavement were very uneven (about an inch). I have pictures, and they clearly show the unevenness. I know I probably waited too long to do something about it; however, the 1st lawyer told me that WM probably denied the claim because I didn't mention in the incident report that the area I had stepped on was uneven.

So I took it to a 2nd attorney, but they took several months (5-6) to send me a letter that they didn't have time to handle my claim. During this time (since accident) I had gone through depression, separation from my husband, near divorce, migraines, and some other personal problems along the way.

I've paid for some of the hospital and EMS bills (total was about $10,000), but I'm not able to pay all of my share (after insurance). I feel that I at least deserve an amount to cover the bills. Another bad result from all of this was while my Mom was taking care of me at her apartment, she fell on both knees trying to help me stand up from the couch.

Another question: With something like this, will I be able to file the forms with the courthouse, or is it too big of a case?? Would it be worth it?? I do feel that alot of my problems started after this had happened. Thanks in advance for any sound and positive advice anybody can give me.