I have a question regarding an injury my elderly mother had. While vacationing in Illinois. USA she fell while going thru a turnstile. The insurance carrier is claiming that they are not liable due to no objects causing the fall. My mother fractured her pelvis and was in 2 hospitals and laid up for 4 mths. She will be needing additional hip surgery and care for the accident.

She incurred several medical bills from various hospitals, for home health care, meds, Dr's, etc. I have been working with the company for a settlement under the med pay provisions.
Most of her bills were paid by Medicare and a secondary. She does have some bills that still are in processing.

The insurance wants to settle. I know that under regular liability claims that if they pay anything they would have to reimburse the insurance companies which paid, thus accepting liability on her claim.

Under the Med pay provisions, they are not accepting liability and are offering a payment such as under a homeowners policy.
(IE: I fall on the neighbors icy sidewalk I am partially negligant due to not seeing the ice, they are at fault due to me falling on their property.)

My question is if they pay any amount to my mother will they have to pay the insurance carriers back? The second part is can they offer to pay my mother an amount and the balance of the two providers, that are still outstanding and not reimburse the rest?

I would like to wait until all bills are paid and settle but I do not want to prolong this anymore, and am concerned that if I don't settle when they want it will be more difficult later.

Please Advise

Peg C