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    Snow plow damage

    Southampton Township, New York

    1 year ago (December 2010) my car was hit by a town snow plow when parked on a private road. Pulled all the way against our hedges in an attempt to avoid this happening. And also marked the corner of my vehicle with a pole with a flag at the top. The snow plow basically plowed along the side of my vehicle, causing damage from the rear driver's side door all the way to the front bumper. The highway supervisor was there because the plow became stuck due to the large volume of snow we had. He gave us his card and told us that the town is usually very good about reimbursing people for things like this. We were in contact with his office and our auto insurance and were unable to get reimbursed for our $500 deductible. A friend told me that I could sue them to get our $500 back but I have no idea if I can or what we should do. Help!

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    Did you file a claim with the municipality within the required time-frame? If not, then you won't be able to successfully sue.

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    Your insurance company paid to have the vehicle fixed after you filed a claim with them? Must be otherwise your deductible wouldn't come into play.

    Check with them to see if they've gotten their money from the town. If they haven't collected yet that may be why you haven't gotten your deductible back.

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