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    spiderbaby Guest

    state inspection fraud?

    Im in PA- got a few questions about my dilemna- looking for quick responses, since i will have to deal w/ all of this tomorrow. I took my car to an auto shop to have it inspected. it failed for many reasons, and they gave me a quote on how much itll cost to get the repairs to pass. because my car is getting old, i of course want to invest as little money as possible. so i took it to a dealer to get a 2nd opinion. the mechanic went over the auto shop's assessment, and advised me to take my car back there, since their prices were significantly lower. by now, i've paid 2 inspection fees, and still dont even have a failure sticker, allowing time for repairs. anyway, back to the auto shop my car goes- they were able to do all necessary repairs ($800), except the speedometer which would have to be fixed by the dealer. they assured me that my car will pass after the speedometer is repaired. so i took it back to the dealer. they called me with a new list of 'necessary" repairs that will cost at least another $800. When i question how is that possible, since it just came from an auto shop that is ready to pass my car as soon as the speedometer is repaired, the mechanic got very coy, and said that he was the actual person who worked on my car- how very convenient. Then he got an attitude and asked about my emissions test that i had done in NJ. This was a puzzler, since i never even brought up anything about an emissions test when i brought it in, since these tests are not required in my county. What bothered me about it was that he was referring to a test i had done in NJ prior to moving here- the only possible way he couldve known about this test is by looking through my personal paperwork, which was lying FACEDOWN in my backseat. At this point, this mechanic has already cost himeself all of my trust. So i asked (on the phone) exactly how much i will have to pay to just get my speedometer fixed. He quoted a price of $298, plus $59.95 for the "diagnosis"- a total of $357.95. I even repeated "this will be my final price?", again he quoted that price. 2 weeks go by, then i finally called the dealer to find out whats going on w/ my car. he put me on hold for several minutes, as if he didnt even know who i was, then came back and said the part just came in today (coincidentally) and that he will have it done today. This part was supposed to have been in over a week ago, but the mechanic doesnt even have the professionalism to give me an update. Anyway, he calls me at the end of the day, w/ a new price- $50 more than what was originally quoted. when i asked where the difference is, he in a roundabout way just apologized for not mentioning this extra "labor fee". then he copped his usual attitude by saying that he couldve charged me for another failed inspection, but was nice enough to not do so. I told him what i had said initially when he called w/ a bull list of stuff that he was failing me on that i will not pay for ANOTHER failed inspection, when i already know that my car will pass at the auto shop. my questions are: i already know that in my state, the inspection is strictly regulated, and that all authorized shops and dealers must follow the exact same guidelines- so how is it that this dealer has their own special list of criteria in order to pass inspection? what can i do about this? also, are they allowed to quote me a "final price" on the phone, then add to it, when its time for me to pick my car up? i know that phone quotes arent usually binding, but is there anything i can do? I know it all sounds like small potatos, but i dont have alot of money, and as it is, i have incurred unecessary charges from this dealer trying to rip me off, and have been without my car for far too long when it shouldvew been taken care of long before now. Its the principle at this point, as i am disgusted with how i was treated, as well as TIRED of getting ripped off by auto mechanics! what can i do? any suggestions, keeping in mind my lack of funds, would be greatly appreciated.

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    ProResearch Guest
    From a search on [url]www.google.com,[/url] key words = pennsylvania car inspection, I found a site at [url]www.paralegal.org[/url] that says:

    If you think the laws explained in this pamphlet (at the above web site) have been broken, you may contact the State Bureau of Consumer Protection. To find the office nearest you, call 1 (800) 441-2555, or write to the Bureau of Consumer Protection, 14th Floor, Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120. You may also contact your local Bureau of Consumer Protection, a private attorney, or your local Legal Servicesoffice.

    Other web sites of interest (for your research):



    There is a wealth of information on the Internet. Hope this gets you started.

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