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    Izzy Guest
    Can someone please tell me what is the statute of limitations for property damage in the state of New York?
    One of my friends said that he thinks that it is ten years.
    If that is so, does that mean that someone is no longer liable for the damage done. The reason that I am asking is because someone hit my car nine years ago and he had no insurance so I took him to court. His license was suspended until he satisfied this judgement against him, well needless to say, he hasn't given me a dime and I don't even know where he lives now, so is there a chance that I can extend the suspension on the drivers license or once the statute of limitations is reached that is it?

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    lawrat Guest
    I am a law school graduate. What I offer is mere information, not to be construed as forming an attorney client relationship.

    You are looking for post-judgment collections.


    50-A. Periodic payment of judgments in medical and dental malp-
    ractice actions. (5031-5039.)
    50-B. Periodic payment of judgments in personal injury, injury
    to property and wrongful death actions. (Secs.
    51. Enforcement of judgments and orders generally.
    52. Enforcement of money judgments. (5201-5211, 5221-5242,
    53. Recognition of foreign country money judgments summary of
    article. (5301-5309.)
    54. Enforcement of judgments entitled to full faith and cred-
    it summary of article. (5401-5408.)
    55. Appeals generally. (5501, 5511-5532.)
    56. Appeals to the court of appeals. (5601-5602, 5611-5615.)
    57. Appeals to the appellate division. (5701-5704,
    60. Provisional remedies generally. (6001.)
    62. Attachment. (6201-6204, 6210-6226.)
    63. Injunction. (6301, 6311-6315, 6330.)
    64. Receivership. (6401-6405.)
    65. Notice of pendency. (6501, 6511-6515.)
    70. Habeas corpus. (7001-7012.)
    71. Recovery of chattel. (7101-7112.)
    72. Recovery of penalty or forfeiture. (7201-7205.)
    75. Arbitration. (7501-7514.)
    75-A. Health care arbitration. (7550-7565.)
    76. Proceeding to enforce agreement for determination of
    issue. (7601.)
    77. Proceeding relating to express trust. (7701-7706.)
    78. Proceeding against body or officer. (7801-7806.)
    80. Fees. (8001-8023.)
    81. Costs generally. (8101-8110.)
    82. Amount of costs. (8201-8204.)
    83. Disbursements and additional allowances. (8301-8303-a.)
    84. Taxation of costs. (8401-8404.)
    85. Security for costs. (8501-8503.)
    86. Counsel fees and expenses in certain actions against the
    state. (8600--8605.)
    90. Failure or adjournment of term of court. (9001-9003.)
    94. Admission to practice. (9401-9407.)
    97. Records of clerks of the courts. (9701-9703.)
    98. Actions against villages. (9801-9804.)
    100. Repeal; saving clauses; effective date. (10001-10005.)

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    lawrat Guest
    This refers to the ten years you were speaking about, but read all to see if this applies in your situation.

    . 5235. Levy upon real property. After the expiration of
    ten years after the filing of the judgment-roll, the sheriff
    shall levy upon any interest of the judgment debtor in real
    property, pursuant to an execution other than one issued upon a
    judgment for any part of a mortgage debt upon the property, by
    filing with the clerk of the county in which the property is
    located a notice of levy describing the judgment, the execution
    and the property. The clerk shall record and index the notice
    against the name of the judgment debtor, or against the property,
    in the same books, and in the same manner as a notice of the
    pendency of an action.

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