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    Suggested Claim amout too low!

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Georgia
    I was in an auto accident January 8th 2009, (Not my fault) first accident ever.
    Police report states (not at fault) .
    No extreme bodily injury. Bottom line, the other insurance company USAA
    wants me to settle for 2,885 and I pay the remainder of my medical bills of 668.00 out of this. I feel this is extortion of the highest. They have settled for the car part. I have been trying to negotiate for 5 months now. What course should I tAKE. I feel that 5,000 and they pay the medical beills is more than fair.

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    You didn't describe your injuries but I think that the offer they have made you sounds extremely generous, considering your minimal bills and length of treatment.

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    An insurance company (and USAA is one of the best) isn't going to give you a bonus just because their driver was at fault. They will compensate you for your actual losses.

    You can try for more, but I suspect that if you go to court you won't get anything more than what was offered (maybe even less).

    Your only other option is to provide USAA with some justification as to why they should give you another $2000+ other than you want the money.

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