What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Texas

I rear-ended someone at a stop-sign yesterday. There wasn't any damage to my car, but their rear bumper had about 3-4 indentions/spikes. They were about 2-3 millimeters in depth. I was going no more than 5 mph when I hit them. Looking at the damage, there was no more than $500 worth of damage.

We didn't call the police as it was a minor accident, but now, she has filed a claim against me, citing various medical injuries. I feel that there was no possible way she could have so many injuries, and I think she is a scam.

My question is...how much can I expect my insurance rates (I'm with Allstate) to go up after this accident (which I thought was minor)? Will it go up even more if she successfully claims/proves medical injury?

I'm 24, male, with a good driving record, except for 1 accident in which somebody hit my parked car while backing out of a parking lot, which was obviously 100% their fault.

I'd appreciate any advice you'll could give me.