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    phoenix_1317 Guest

    Post 20 year old judgement

    What is the name of your state? NJ - 20 yearl Judgement . Attorney trying reopen 20 year old judgement. What do I need to do.

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    The SOL for judgments in NJ is 14 years. However, I haven't found anything regarding renewal of a judgment, but if it went past the 14 years and was not immediately renewed, I don't think they can reopen it. From what I can find, ONLY the original creditor can renew a judgment. Is this 'lawyer' representing that creditor or a collection agency ??

    I think the fastest way to find out is to call the court where the original judgment was entered and ask them whether or not it can be renewed after a 6 year lapse (if there was one), and if not, are there any circumstances under which the thing can be reopened now. You could also probably find out if judgments in NJ can be renewed and whether or not yours was renewed. Almost sounds to me like it wasn't.

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    totallybroke Guest

    My resources show that a judgement is good for 20 yrs in NJ.

    A judgment in the State of New Jersey generally may be enforced or revived for a period of twenty (20) years from the date of entry (Sec. 2A:14-5.) All non-exempt real estate and personal property of a judgment debtor may be levied upon and sold by executions for the payment and satisfaction of the judgment. However, no judgment obtained for the payment and satisfaction of any employment wage tax, including penalties, may be enforced pursuant to this section. (Sec. 2A:17-17, 2A:17-20.)

    But I also don't see anything about renewal.

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    Interesting source, I'd be interested in looking at that if you'd care to email it to me, Totallybroke

    I guess the next question is, exactly when was the judgment entered ? Even at 20 years, if there's no renewal, it could well be past the SOL. Going to have to find out exactly when it was entered to figure that out.

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