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Thread: ATM malfunction

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    ATM malfunction

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Nevada
    I took my son and his Girlfriend to Chase bank so he could make a deposit in the ATM. He had been saving money for a trip we were all going on the next day. He had saved 2 paychecks and some cash. He deposited his two checks first in the ATM machine and then put in cash in the ammount of $230. This was tip money he made which was in different denominations. The machine took in his cash and after a brief pause ejected two 20 dollar bills, one being ripped and crinkled as it came out. The deposit on the screen showed only the balance of the checks. $190 cash was not showing. He was confused and tried to put the $40 back in with the rest of the cash thinking that this would correct his deposit. The Atm machine ejected the $40 with an error message reading "we are sorry, this machine is no longer accepting cash deposits at this time" (Not sure if those were the exact words)His reciept came out for the deposit showing only the checks and not the $190. On the receipt there was a phone number to call if there were any issues or problems someone wanted to report. He came out to the car and immediately told me what happened as he was calling the number on the reciept. They told him they would credit him the $190 and do an investigation. About 3 weeks later. The $190 was reversed. He went to the bank and told the story again to a banking agent and she again credited the money back to him. He thought this was the end. They in fact did another investigation. They again reversed the $190 from his account a month later and he went to the bank again to find out what was going on. He was told the claim came back stating there was insufficient evidence of his claim. They told us an outside company services their ATM machines. I talked to the bank manager and said there has to be a more in debth investigation. done. He said he sent an email to a third party investigator that reviews all transactions to see if there was an overage on that day and would get back to us after he hears from them. He also said there is a good chance that my son will not get back the $190 deposit that was lost. Since two separate investigations have not found the money, I don't see how this time they will. There had to have been some theft involved by an employee after the malfunction of the ATM machine if they are not finding the cash. I want to know how, and what documents to demand to see as to what exactly their investigation investigated. This is one of those newer type ATMs that can read your cash as you insert it. There should be a record of the malfunction. What do we need to do to demand my sons money back. This was hard earned tip money my young son receives working hard at a car wash.

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    I suggest that one never deposit cash in an atm

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    You might take the bank to small claims court. Do a discovery request for the server logs of that ATM related to the transaction and supeona the network administrator.

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