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    DianeL. Guest

    best way to settle a judgment?

    What is the name of your state? Maryland

    I have a judgment hanging over my head for 5k. the judgment was filed in Feb/01 in court. so I assume its to late to appeal it. So now the only thing I can do at this point is to settle to keep them from comming after my bank account. They cant hit my employment as I am self employed. I do have issues with the sum they have derived at however. It is way off. What would be the best way to handle this? And is there an SOL. for this sort of thing?

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    "What would be the best way to handle this?"
    *** I suggest you contacting the creditor and trying to negotiate a settlement of the debt.

    "And is there an SOL. for this sort of thing?"
    *** Yes, the SOL for a judgment in Maryland is 12 years. And interest accrues at 10% per year (or higher if the cause of action was a contracted higher rate).

    And guess what... your 'self employment income' can still be grabbed. All they have to do is garnish against your employer or clients. And you have NO exemption.... the creditor can simply take 100% of the 'wages'.

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    DianeL. Guest
    Thanks for the info, However I am the employer. I clean houses "under the table" so no findable funds. all cash accounts. and diffrent people each time. 12 years you say? wow! What do you think about "Judgment proof"? Is that possible? hmm, looks like a settlement is in my future eh? should I find a good lawyer that deals in negotiations? Thanks for your help.

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