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    Can a bank draft your account without your permission?

    What is the name of your state? VA

    I have a credit card account with a credit union. The account was mine prior to getting married, but my (now ex) husband used it more than I did. I understand that I am responsible for the debt because it is in my name. I have been making payments on a regular basis, but they are sometimes less than the minimum due. I earn a decent salary but am swimming in debt from the divorce (long story, we were self-employed, I was naiive, etc).

    The credit union has been somewhat understanding when I actually talk to a live person. But...they call me constantly, even after I make a payment (esp if it is less than the scheduled amount). They have called my parents as well (my father is a joint owner on my savings account there, which we opened when I was a teen - I have not used that account in almost 10 years). They have called my parents no less than 10 times. My parents repeatedly explained to them that I cannot take calls during the day and that they would have to contact me either prior to 9 am or after 5 pm. They kept calling. My mother finally got really upset and told them to stop calling them. They continued to call until my mother threatened legal action. From what I understand, it is not legal for them to contact a third party and give a reason why they are calling. They have been very rude to all of us.

    Well...I usually send the credit union a check for my cc payments. I was a bit late paying in April, so I called them and made a payment by check over the phone. We did not discuss doing this on a regular basis, nor did I give them permission to draft my account on a regular basis (the checking account is with another bank, not the credit union).

    Today I checked my bank account online, and there was a check for $360 that was cashed.
    I knew I didn't write any checks for that amount (I rarely write checks anyway), so I was quite alarmed. I viewed the check and it was written out to the credit union. The check had my former last name on it, and was number "12345".

    What on earth???? Are they allowed to do this? I never gave them authorization to do this. In fact, I called them on May 23 and told them that I was going to make a payment on May 30, after getting paid. They were fine with it.

    Please help. Thanks!

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    If you're saying that you have a credit card with the same bank that you have a checking or savings account, yes, you gave them permission in the fine print of the agreements that you agreed to and signed when you opened the accounts.

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