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    mrmrsflweb Guest

    can they come after me for my ex-husband's debt?

    i was divorced in 1991, in1992, i co-signed for an open loan with my ex. the loan was paid off, but he reopened it in aug. 2000 and never paid off his debt and filed bankruptcy. there are two parts to the debt, one is a visa and one is the open loan. the collector attorney is coming after me for both. the lending co. never consulted with me to even reopen this loan, but just went ahead and approved it from my signature from 1992. do i have any recourse?
    thank you,

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    gottago Guest
    Well, since you co signed for the loan after you were divorced, and you didn't notify the lender at any point that you wanted the account closed, you're probably responsible for the debt.

    Most likely, the account was never "closed." Instead, the balance was paid off at some point, and your ex went back to the lender and borrowed more money on the same account's line of credit.

    Try asking the lender for proof that the debt belongs to you. Tell them that you didn't give permission of the new funds to be lent. Ask them to provide proof that you agreed to it. It's a long shot, but maybe you'll get lucky.

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    mrmrsflweb Guest
    thanks, gottago, i will try that.
    thanks for the advice.

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