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    Deceased Husband's Debts

    What is the name of your state? Pennsylvania
    When my husband died he had several credit cards that had outstanding balances. These were not joint cards, but I was shown as an authorized user on them. He left no will and there was no estate due to the amount of money that had been spent on medical procedures and medications. I sent each company a copy of his death certificate as well as a statement that he left no will and no estate. They closed out the accounts and now are reporting these accounts as delinquent on my credit report. I did not sign any application for these cards and didn't even use them. Thier estate department is telling me that I am still responsible for his bills. It is my understanding that PA is not a community property state. My only income is from SSI and the only property I own is a trailer on a rented lot. Since there was no will and there is no estate, can they place a lien on my trailer? What can I do to keep them from reporting his accounts on my credit report?

    Thanks for any info.What is the name of your state? Pennsylvania

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    Thier estate department is telling me that I am still responsible for his bills.
    That is a LIE !! You are NOT responsible for your deceased husband's debts ! Authorized users bear NO liability for the accounts, ONLY the primary account holder. You are correct, PA is NOT a community property state, so you cannot be held responsible.

    If your husband left no estate, or his estate was insolvent, then the creditors are going to have to get stuffed. Reporting the deliquencies on YOUR reports is wrong, you must dispute these as 'not mine'. You should send your written dispute to each of the credit bureaus, include copies of his death certificate, and make sure you point out that you were NOT JOINT on those accounts. Send your letters certified, RRR and go thru the dispute process.

    If you want help with the disputes, try either [url]www.creditinfocenter.com[/url] or [url]www.creditboards.com[/url], plenty of folks in both places to help you.

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