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    Question How do lawyers find out your banks accounts?

    What is the name of your state? Ohio.
    How do these collection agencies and lawyers know and then find your bank accounts? I thought only the Fed. govt. could dip into your bank accounts without telling you. What flag goes up that I have one or fivwe bank accounts. There goes my right to privacy!

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    How do these collection agencies and lawyers know and then find your bank accounts?

    >they hire people like me who know WHERE to look and HOW to find!

    There goes my right to privacy!

    >You lost your "privacy" when you signed the contract with the original creditor and then defaulted; your sensitive info is private no more once it moves into the collections arena... then your assets become the hunt... gotta love the world of collections!

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    There's also something called "skip tracing" that can be used to find out your bank account information.

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    As someone who used to do skip tracing and debt collecting, there are lots of ways.

    One of which is when you pay a past due bill, or current, to a creditor and they keep the info on file, so when/if you do default, it is simply a matter of making sure the account is still open, etc. Most lawyers will already have that information when they get your account.

    It's not as if creditors enjoy paying lawyers to get their money, when you don't pay, it's one of their last options. My suggestion is if you owe lots of people money, don't have any bank accounts. Period. While it won't stop them from getting their money (still wage garnishments), it does cut down on the surprise factor when you go to the bank.

    Oh - and as far as the privacy thing goes -- there is NO such thing anymore. You would be shocked if you realize just how many companies out there specialize in software and databases that are set up to do nothing but find your assets & accounts.

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