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    My bank has received a subpoena for my records

    What is the name of your state? UT

    I received a letter yesterday from my bank (Zions Bank) saying that they have received a subpoena requesting all my my banking history from 2003 to 2007 and that they are going to give out my records unless I "promptly serve Zions Bank with an objection" to the subpoena. The subpoena is from my Mom's ex-husband that is a druggie that believes she has stolen and hidden his inheretance money (about $28k) which he more than likely used on drugs over the past four years and "forgot" about.

    So my question is, how is this legal that pretty much anyone can request the records from anyone else (and be given them) as long as they have a lawyer write up a subpoena? It just baffles me that he can do that and that my bank would just hand it over. I don't have anything to hide (I only have about $10 in that bank account), but it infuriates me that this person can legally dig through my finances just because he wants to. What type of "objection" needs to be filed to stop it, and is it even worth taking the time to try to stop it? To me it is worth taking the time to stop it just because it bothers me so much that he would do such a thing.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!

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    Q: What type of "objection" needs to be filed to stop it, and is it even worth taking the time to try to stop it?

    A: A motion to quash.

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    A court order is about the only thing that would coerce a bank into turning over such information (except for Homeland Security) and, unfortunately, what you're going thru is part of our legal process. You are being given the right to object to this action and you need to do so. A simple Motion to Quash may or may not be enough, so I would suggest you speak to an attorney ASAP.

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