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    norman25 Guest

    Question notification of judgement

    What is the name of your state? Oklahoma

    My question is, If a judgement is filed against an Individual, will that Individual be properly notified, or will you not know of it until you check your credit report?

    Note: it has been over 3 years since we had to voluntarily let our vehicle go back, because I lost my job, and have become disabled

    Thank you

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    In order to get a judgment they have to sue you first. They must serve you a summons, THAT is your notification that you are being sued and its an opportunity to dispute their claims and go to court. If you don't go to court, they win the judgment by default.

    If you've never been served a summons, then you may not have been sued. Best way to find out, besides your credit report, is to call the court and ask if any judgments have been filed.

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    innj2003 Guest
    Is it possible that a summons is "sent" and you never come to know about it...for whatever reason...postal error etc?

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    It is possible that you have been sued and not found out about it.

    In most cases, the person who sues you is required to serve you with notice of the lawsuit. There are several ways that this can be done.... obviously, the most common is for a process server or officer to put a piece of paper in your hand (personal service). After a reasonable number of attempts at personal service is not successful, the plaintiff can request an alternate service to be allowed. This usually means that the process server can serve ANYONE (not a child) who answers the door at your residence. And if that is not possible, some jurisdictions allow service by publication..... (by publishing the notice in the paper for a set number of days).

    If any of the latter ones happened, you could have been sued and not know it... until someone contacts you to enforce it. BTW, a huge number of judgments (especially by individuals) are never reported to the CRA's.

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