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    Custodian refuses to sign off on UGMA account... help please!!

    What is the name of your state? - Pennsylvania.

    Hey guys,

    Amy(my fiance)'s dad was assigned custodian of a UGMA (uniform gifts to minors) account that contained money given by her grandparents when she was a little kid.

    Her parents seperated when she was 19, and are still going through a messy divorce (she's 28 now).

    Her father has refused to sign off on the account, citing that those funds belong to him. We're pretty sure his lawyer told him to do this.

    Amy's responsible for the taxes, and pays them, but has no access to the money, and a month or so, her dad even changed the address, so she doesn't receive the statements anymore...

    I know that legally, the money is hers, but we've spoken to the bank, and they say that they require documentation from the custodian to sign off on it, even though she's well past the age of majority. He won't sign off.

    I have spoken to the bank, and they're requesting copies of the legal documents that show that it's legal for her to remove it without her fathers co-signing. Any ideas?

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    Have your fiance hire an estate attorney and petition the court to discharge the custodian, release the funds from the bank to fiance, and permission to access to all information regarding the account. Bring original court order to the bank.

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