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    Buyer Obligation to Realtor

    What is the name of your state? Oklahoma

    Long story short: My mother has a friend who is a realtor. She was laid off from her primary job asked if she could help us find a house this was in November (we are currently looking to purchase our first home).

    I have tried numerous times to get her to send me house listings for us to weed through. Nothing. I have since gone on looking at houses with another realtor that I really like. She's been there through numerous houses.

    Here it is December and my mother's friend is calling me saying I'm obligated to use her. I have signed nothing, never seen this lady, only spoke on the phone about what sort of house I am looking for. She is calling me every 3-4 hours asking me to please use her. I have expressed that I do not want to use her, I have also asked she stop calling me.

    My question is that she is now grumbling that she can sue me? I never signed anything, am I obligated to use her?

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    Are you talking LEGAL obligation? Or obligation to your mom not to mess up her friendship with this woman?

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    Nope, you are not obligated to use her.

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    No you are not obligated.

    My advice

    1) Do not sign buyer agency agreement unless it is only for a specific transaction. If you sign for a specific time period (3 or 6 months) you are stuck if they do not perform.

    2) Make sure you cross out any clause that states they (buyer agent) are entitled to commision if you default, or breach the contract. If this clause is in the contract, you could lose more than your earnest $ if you back out of a deal

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    Thank you all for the advice. I do feel conflicted because she is my mother's friend, but I had a long talk with my mom and she said I have to do what is best for me.

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    Your mother's friend, the real estate agent is an idiot.

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