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    I purchased my house in May 2000, its completely new construction, since moving in we have had over 50 problems with our house. It started with the house being infested with bugs and the gas lines not being turned one. Then from there got worse. Here is a short list of some of the problems.
    Our marble entryway was all scratched up and pitted, our kitchen floor has had to be fixed three times from all the cuts and scratches on it, we had one large crack in our foundation (which now leaks), our furnace went out, our oven has been replaced once and worked on two other times and has not worked for the entire 7 months we have been in the house, witch caused our Air conditioning to go out during 100 degree weather, we have cracked walls, Our lighting still isn't right, A window in our great room leaked during a storm and got water all over our great room carpet, Our concrete patio that we had specially poured is cracked in two places, our garage floor is cracked, our back yard has been washed away during rain storms due to bad grading, and about 20 moor small things.

    Now just recently the temp has gotten cold and within the last two or three weeks our basement has started to shift or twist. Our kitchen counter is pulling off the wall, our garage door twisted up and pulled off the wall and had to be replaced, my columns in the from of my house are lifting up and the porch has a crack in it, and I now have 18 cracks in my foundation walls and 17 in my basement floors. Plus the walls look bad, not flat but have air pockets and cornet will crumble if you hit it.

    The house is only 7 months old, what I need to know is do I have a case against my builder, and could I get them to buy this house back from me. And would they be responsible for all the work I did to the house, which include add a retaining wall flower box, and a small pond and fountain. Plus as of right now, I am the only other house that is built in my caldisac, do I have the right to place signs in my yard warning people not to buy. Plus I have had to miss work or go late because of having to be at the house for the workmen to fix thing.Plus it cost us over $200,000 for this lemon.

    Scott from Missouri

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    Hire a construction defect attorney.
    You can ask for recission of the contract only and the builder is not obligated to pay for additional improvements you did to the property. You can place signs as long as it is on your property and whatever is stated is true. You can also put up a website and include your story, color phots with all defects noted, copies of correspondence to and from the builder, inspection reports etc. I know a guy who did just that in South Carolina. His home was a lemon also and he even went to arbitration. His home was built by one of the largest homebuilders in the nation who refused to do much of anything. Through the power of the internet and protests from various individuals (including myself), the builder decided to do the right thing and settle by buying back the home. This homeowner also had mold problems. Unfortunately, part of the settlement included a confidentiality agreement and removal of his awesome website from the internet. Therefore this homeowner can not discuss the settlement or show you his website.
    The next best thing though is to contact [url]http://www.hadd.com[/url] located right in your home State. Take a look at the wenbsites from other homebuyers with construction defects and homes built by bad builders.

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    Wink Someone can help

    Scott: Go to [url]http://www.hobb.org.[/url] You will find a wealth of information from other homeowners who have posted their builders names and crimes on the internet.

    Good Luck

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