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    frank2345 Guest

    Question Amendment to Petition - Child Support

    In Cook County Illinois, an order was entered for me to pay an increase in child support. Past the 30 day window to revise the court order, I recalculated child support and noticed errors used for determining child support obligations. I filed a "Petition for Modification of Child Support" to decrease child support but I used the wrong wording(conclusive, and not specific enough), and the Petion to Modify was stricken but I can follow form 1301 or 1401 for Amendment to Petition.
    Does anyone know where I can find links to complete an Amendment to Petition form 1301 or1401 and what each form is use for?

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    meleahk1 Guest
    try the link on this site "State Law Center" and see if you can find your state which should have those forms. Perhaps under the child support guidelines or state statues.

    good luck

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    frank2345 Guest
    Thanks. I found the Illinois Statute. To follow up with my original message, what is the probability of getting the order stricken based on incorrectly calculated child support? Also where can I find verbage examples for amendment to petition to state the case without giving too much information to the other counsel? I assume I just state facts without reference to specific IL compiled statutes and then argue my position in court.

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    meleahk1 Guest
    on the link to the florida web site there is a place that i can go and read closed ruled on cases, look on your state site and see if there is one.

    also, i would guess that to the point is the right way, take all your information to court when you go and present it to the judge.

    good luck

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