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    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Texas

    I'm not sure where to post this, but I thought I would have the most luck in this forum. Feel free to redirect me to the right place.

    Two of my coworkers recommended one of their friends as a babysitter for my 11 month old daughter. I needed someone to take my daughter to daycare three times a week. This meant being here at 0600, feeding her when she woke at 0730 and then getting her dressed and driving her to the daycare which is 5 minutes away.

    This 22 year old girl who was referred to me agreed to do this in exchange for me letting her live in my guest bedroom. Every day I had to work I would text her asking if she ate and if she pooped. She always said she fed her breakfast.

    One day after picking up my daughter and getting home I notice that the bottle I made and put next to her crib was in the same place and was the same amount I made. I looked in the sink and the same dirty dishes I left were there - no new dirty dishes. I looked in the cabinet and the fridge and no food was opened. She wasn't home so I texted her asking what she fed her for breakfast. She said some fruit (no fruit was touched by the way). I asked if she had any formula and I got no response.

    The next day I had to drop her off at daycare. I asked how my daughter seemed when the sitter would bring her in. She said she always jumped into the teacher's arms. Then the teacher asked me what time she woke up. I told her 0730 and she said "oh, that's weird she [the sitter] would always bring her in around 12, saying she just woke up and hasn't ate yet."

    When we came home that day most of the sitters things were gone and I was still unable to contact her. I'm disgusted that I trusted my friends and let this person near my daughter. I'm also shocked that the daycare didn't find it odd that my daughter wasn't fed and didn't care to notify me.

    I am so disgusted and horrified. Can I press charges or do anything to formally document this in case she tries to babysit children in the future? Is there any legal action I can take?

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    She didn't break any laws. Were you actually paying her? If not, YOU may have been breaking the law.

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    Honestly, all you really can do is tell your co workers to stop recommending her, even though it's not their fault you not only hired her, but invited her into your home.

    The day care's hands are also clean here, by the way.

    Sorry! Lesson learned, right?

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