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    tiggerswife Guest
    Originally posted by ryry's mom
    You say that you have a child support order. So in essance the court sees you as the custodial parent.

    NOW, my question is. Is the father on your child's birth certificate? If he is not, you have NO problem getting a passport unless there is some court order saying you can't leave the state with your child.

    You see if you are the only one on the birth certificate and there are no court orders, you are considered the only legal parent. So I would suggest calling to find out about getting a new passport for your child.
    Unfortunatly the father IS on the Birthcertificate......thats why i am stuck to begin with.

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    Originally posted by tiggerswife
    *sighs* well, thanks for the info...but i am lost about one thing..why would D.O.R tellme i can move anywhere i want and that i dont need permission as long as the father doesnt have legal visitation or custody...When i first knew i was going to move to Canada...i couldnt afford a lawyer so i contacted Legal aid..they told me the same thing. thios whole thing is confusing i make all these plans by what the lawyer and legal aid said only to find out my pregnant butt has to come back and get permission from the state?...good lord!!
    well, they were obviously unaware of this new law...


    "It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men." Frederick Douglas
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    tiggerswife Guest
    Originally posted by OnlyOneVoice
    You said the father has a police problem and doesn't want to be found by the law.

    Here's your solution: Report him and have him arrested.

    Voila!!!!! He goes to jail, you're off the hook, show up at the arraignment and tell the judge he's holding your son's passport. And you're done.

    Sounds mean I know but if he's wanted, you don't want to let your son go with him, because he has every reason to take your son and disappear. And without a court order of visitation and custody you would be able to do absolutely nothing if he did!!
    yeah i does sound mean but i am pregnant nd my hubby has rights to his unborn child to.....i guess theres no hope of child support since he hasnt given any out willingly for the 9 years my child has been o this earth. And that is WRONG!.. I guess my hubby was right when he said...."It would have been a different story if his father had been there for him and took responceability for him and finally paid childsupport! Stop worrying what he'll think and start doing whats right for your son sake!" I'll always keep the option open for my child's father to whats right but i guess its time he pay the consequences of not paying child support!

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    tiggerswife Guest
    Originally posted by haiku
    well, they were obviously unaware of this new law...

    Wait a minute i just read that...and there is a way i can get my son's passport! i can't call or write to my child's father and we are seperated geographically..all i have to prove is that at this time...i am the only one allowed to obtain a passport for my son! Cuz legally i am the only one.

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    tiggerswife Guest
    Originally posted by haiku
    in the state of massachusetts to receive welfare you MUST name a father for benefits. unmarried couples the mother automatically receives custody without an order in place.

    in massachusetts, the custodial parent cannot leave the state without permision being listed with the court.

    Without a custody order of SOLE, or a death certificate for the ex, immigration will believe the other parent still has rights to say no.

    the posters ex may NEVER take it to court for visitation rights and until then, she does not have to entertain his wishes.

    our poster really has no choice but to take this to court, if she wants her sons passport and for son to continue visiting dad. 2 years may be the worst case scenario but it may not be.

    she will not be the first parent who will have to "tie up loose ends" before moving on.....
    The thing i like about postinghere is people give you good links to other site to check out!!! i just checked out juristiction section of children born out of wedlock...it says Massachusettes only has juristiction over my child as long as my son lives in massachusettes of course the terms of the support will remained the same.....But DOR told me that they work hand and hand with Canada on making sure that child support is still enforced even if the custodil parent resides in Canada. and if that be the case then wouldnt jurstiction be shared between Canada and Massachusettes? DOR said all they need is my address here in Canada in order to start having support sent here..although there is no support being paid at this time.

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