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    jenbmitch Guest

    Question calculating payment on arrears

    I live in Pa and am CP of my 3yr old son. His father and I were never married but lived together for 3yrs. I filed for custody and child support in October 2001, and in December 2001 he was ordered to pay a huge 30% of my sons expenses.

    Pa requires automatic payment through payroll deduction, and I was told that once this started (4-6 weeks) that I would also recieve additional payment to apply to the $1400 he owes in arrears.

    I started recieving that additional $$ last week in a sum of $4.24 per week. At this rate it will take him 330 weeks or over 6yrs to pay this. How is the $$ calculated? It is 4%of my weekly total, does this sound right?

    I have tried calling the domestic relations department of deleware county, but they are no help--the rudest group of people I have actually ever encountered.

    I know I should be happy that I am actually getting money every week(even if it is not enough), but just need to know if I should be getting the arrears quicker.


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    justmejordan Guest
    My boyfriend is ordered to pay child support through PA as well. It's true they are very difficult to deal with and are of no help. His actual monthly support is $560, and only had around $700+ in arrears from the date she filed until payment was to start. He is ordered to pay $640 per month until that arrears is paid off then it will go back down to the $560, so I don't think the 4% is the calculation to use. One thing to consider is that they legally can only take 55% of his salary through reductions, so if his monthly support is taken out and then you factor in his arrears, that could be why it is only that much per week. Do you get that amount added to your monthly support or do you get an individual check, I am curios about that? I am pretty sure the birth mother gets a lump sum once a month in the amount of $640. However, my boyfriend lost his job back in December and did receive another job even in this hard time to find one, which is less money so I am not 100% certain they are taking out the full amount because I think that would be more then the 55% but I could be wrong. Hope that helped some and please keep me updated to anything you may find out.

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    jenbmitch Guest
    I recieve the arrears in addition to the regular ordered amount on a weekly basis. They took his monthly amount of $469 and broke it out to a weekly amount of $108 plus the $4.24 weekly to apply towards the arrears, so I get a weekly amount of $112.24 that I have direct deposited into my sons own savings account(I am hoping to save this money for him to use later).

    I finally got through to someone in the domestic relations department that looked up the order to see that he was to pay an additional $20 per month until the arrears are caught up which will only take him 6+years.

    Thanks for your input

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    Grandma B Guest
    If PA charges interest on the arrearage, as most states do, he won't have it paid off in 6 years. He'd still owe you the whole $1,400 at the end of 6 years, since he's not paying enough to cover any interest.

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    jenbmitch Guest
    How do I find out if they charge interest? Based on the statement of account that I requested from them, I don't actually think they do. It showed 2months of activity with no interest charges.

    On top of the support arrears, he also owes me $15,000 for student loans that I am getting only $100-200 per month. At this rate he wil be in debt to me forever.

    Thanks for your response.

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