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    Can I keep my young son's away from my ex's new girlfriend that I have an IAH against


    My ex boyfriend and I are in the middle of a custody/child support case. I have absolutely no problem with my ex seeing my sons, in fact I encourage it. It took almost 2 months of me "getting on him" about not calling them when he said that he would, or not coming over when he said that he would, for him to step up and keep his promises to them. I know he loves his sons more than life itself, I also know that his new girlfriend is not very stable, to say the least!

    Two months ago I had to change my home number because she kept calling my house, I never answered. One month ago she sent a very innapropriate text to my company cell phone. Just 2 weeks ago, on my son's 1st day of kindergarten, she drove past me while standing in front of his school and yelled "B***H" out the window, parents and children were standing all around. Immediately after that the text messages started up, and this time they were BAD. I mean they were extremely disturbing and wrong. That afternoon I filed an Injunction Against Harassment against her. She tried to fight it 2 days later and the judge flat out said that he would be stupid to not uphold it. He then asked her why she has a problem with me, she couldn't answer him. She flew out of the court room and I have not heard a thing from her since.

    Her family has a history of being "unstable" as well. Her mother tried to commit suicide 3 weeks ago. Her father has an injunction against harassment placed on him by my 5 year old son's friend's father, because he had threatened to go to his son's 5ht birthday party and kill everyone that was there, mainly my son's and I - all because the new "girl" was upset that she wasn't invited.

    If a judge doesn't trust her around me, how am I suppose to trust her around my son's that are only 2 & 5 years old? My ex and I have talked about this, because as for now they are not allowed at his house or around her. He has agreed with me 100% about them not being around her, he even said that if the tables were turned that he would not want them around my new boyfriend if he had done the same. He has appoligized numerous times for her innapropriate text messages and agreed that they were horrible. I still let him see his sons whenever he wants, he will either come to our house or take them out to eat or something. Last week he was over 4 times to see them.

    She has never threatened my sons as far as I know, she's not allowed around them. I am not going to fight for full custody of the kids, he can have joint, but he wants me to be the primary custodial parent. Although he has told me that he agrees with me and won't take the boys around her, I'm afraid that when it comes time for our court date that he'll fight to have them at his house. Do I have any sort of a case to stand on for the court to not allow them around her? They've been hurt enough by their daddy leaving, they don't need her drama.

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