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    Spy_angel74 Guest

    Question Can you get Child Support from Inmate?

    My son's bio. father is in a TX prison. He will be there for 10 years. Currently there is no court orders, i go to court in 2 weeks, i would pray that i don't have to take my 17 month old to see him. I do not want any support from him. He was a mentally and emotionally abusive person. He doesn't possess any morals or values i want my son to have.
    If the judge orders me to take my son, i'm going to request support, but how do prisoners pay for child support?

    Anyone reading this please pray for my son and I, thanks!

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    4gals1guy Guest
    My ex was in prison when I divorced him. Even though he was granted "reasonable visitation," I didn't have to take the kids there, and I didn't have to let his mother take them there either. Also, I didn't receive any support. They only make about $15 a month or something. Check into it...I think you can have parental rights taken away for conviction of certain crimes. Then you wouldn't have to worry about him.

    I'm sorry you're going through this. I know how hard it is!

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    Spy_angel74 Guest
    My son's bio. dad was convicted of a federal crime. did you go to court and the judge order you didn't have to take your kids to see him?

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    4gals1guy Guest
    Yes. The judge told me it was his responsibility to exercise his right to "reasonable visitation", not mine. Since he physically couldn't do it, he was not allowed visitation during that time. So you don't have a visitation order now? Is the prison close to you? What does your attorney say? I can't see them making you take your child there. I went once to take the papers for him to sign, and it was awful. There were alot of kids there, but I wouldn't want to take mine there. Like I said about child support, there's nothing there for them to give, unless it's different in federal prison. State pays enough for soap and a few snacks, that's all.

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    Spy_angel74 Guest
    My court date is the 18th of this month. I live nw of houston and he is in the beaumont federal prison. i'm meeting with my lawyer today, to discuss to final things. her assistant called me monday and told me i needed to give them my stipulations on visitation. i don't want any visitation. she said since he didnt molest or hurt the child that probably wont happen. the last time he saw my son was when he was 2 weeks old. he was arrested when my son was 6 days old. so its been almost a year and a half. there was no bond made between them, my son doesnt know him, i wouldn't want him to call him dad, if i would marry someone else and start a family. i currently have a bf who love s my son as his own and said he would want him to call him dad if we would get married.
    i think my ex fiance is just making this really hard for me. a leopard doesnt change his spots. he says how he sits in prison and thinks about me and my son.... i'm thinking to myself, well what else do you have to think about... us and god?? i havent had no correspondence with him since april last year. he has written but i didnt respond, and has tried calling several times.

    thank you for listening and responding!!

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    4gals1guy Guest
    Did he initiate this court hearing? I don't understand why it's even going to court since you weren't married. He'd have to establish paternity and petition for visitation to get anything. It's hard for a person to do OUT of prison, let alone IN prison. Don't let him mess with your mind. These guys are good at it. He doesn't want you to have self confidence, because he needs you. Your life will be off and rolling in 10 years when he gets out.

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    Spy_angel74 Guest
    I was being told that i needed to establish custody... what i'm requesting is sole managing conservertship. which means he has no say over any medical treatment or education my son gets. i wanted also to stipulate who would care for my son if anything would happen to me. at the time i was afraid of what would happen if i didnt give my son his last name. so on his birth cert. my son has his last name. all other documents- ss#, bank acct., insurance, etc, publically he known with my last name. i want his b/c changed to mine also.
    i've been talking to some friends at work they think maybe i should drop my suit against him. therefore i wouldnt be ordered to possibly take him. but then again the judge might think it best for my son not to have contact??

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    4gals1guy Guest
    Well, see what your attorney has to say. It sounds like you're going to terminate his right, and get full legal custody of your son, although you use other terms. Make sure your attorney explains what everything means. I worried too about what would happen to my children if I died when their dad was in prison. I had a will that requested my parents take them, and also gave my parents power of attorney so they could act on my children's behalf if something happened to me. I was advised that custody would automatically go to their dad, despite my will and POA. But, those documents would show the court my wishes. Also, for my parents to be granted custody, they would have to prove my ex unfit, which is not hard to do about a person who is in prison. So, while I knew there was some risk, I was fairly confident things would work out the way I wanted them to. And they did...my ex got out of prison, spent a few weekends with the kids, got another woman pregnant, moved far away and never ever paid support. We haven't seen him in over a year, and he calls about once a month. Based on that, his parental rights are being terminated and my new husband is adopting the kids. And my ex was someone who, from within the prison walls, said he thought of nothing but his kids! They'll say what they have to, but they don't have a leg to stand on. Don't let him get to you. You know what's best for your child, and the courts will agree that a man in prison for 10 years who has never know his child is no father.

    Good luck. I'll pray for you.

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    Spy_angel74 Guest

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