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    Change an existing order and how to enforce unpaid support

    What is the name of your state? California

    i reside in texas. i moved here from california a year ago and have received aprroval from the judge in california to take my daughter with me. the father still lives in california. in our current order for visitaion includes that we both rotate the airfare cost when my daughter visits him back in california.

    question: i currently have finacial hardship, i dont recevice child support from the father that is ordered, and father owes over 10k in arrears. im unable to pay for the airfare cost this summer. what will happen if she doesnt go? im not trying to keep my daughter from her father but i cant pay for the airfare cost?

    also can i do a transfer of venue?

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    You will have to come up with the money.

    You cannot deny visitation if he doesn't pay.

    He cannot stop paying if you deny visitation.

    They are separate issues. If you file contempt against him, which I recommend you do right away, you will either have to go to CA to appear in court, or you can hire an attorney in CA to represent your interests. A third option is a telephone appearance, but you will have to ask the court for permission and set that up in advance.

    However, if you do file contempt, and win, and then deny visitation, he will file contempt against you, and you will have to appear in some way again.

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