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    Child custody/grandparent intervention

    What is the name of your state? NY

    My son came home one day and said that he had a daughter. A paternity test confirmed this fact and I have accepted this child as a dear grandchild.

    Needless to say, my son is a piece of work. He is constantly out of work and is basically an alcoholic. He is not with my grandchild's mother anymore and is basically an abuser of his new live-in girlfriend. (I am thouroughly dissappointed that my son has become this type of person.) The mother of my grandchild is not much better. She lives with her own mother and stays in one bedroom with seven of her siblings. They are family raised on the system and do not know any better. For eight months, I have picked my grandaughter up from this dirty place and I am at my wits end. I cry when I must return her. She always comes to me filthy and with nasty diaper rashes. The mother has always sent her without food and supplies. On one occassion, the child came to me lifeless and sleepty. When I questioned the mother, she admitted to drinking heavily and breastfeeding. I have finally reported her to CPS.

    What should I do at this point? The report was just made this week. There is no official custody order and my son and the girl were never married. Should I encourage my son to file for something and take over his share? Should I file for something myself? I am at a lost because I know that a mother and father come first, but both do not care for this child. I even doubt that my son's record would give him much rights for me to take over. Any help?

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    Since you are now going to be dealing with CPS I highly suggest you obtain your own attorney immediately. Call your state Bar Association & request a bull dog that has experience with CPS (IMPORTANT!). Most give free or low cost consults. Depending on how the investigation goes, he/she might need to file a motion to intervene on your behalf. This will need to filed ASAP because once the child is in outside foster care, it will be extremely hard if not impossible. Did you explain to the worker that you are willing to care for the child while the investigation is going on???
    It wouldn't suprise me that the child is not removed from the home. There will probably just be stipulation to parenting classes or whatever the worker decides is best for the family. In the future, keep as much documentation as you can, pictures, recordings if legal in your state, anything else you can think of. I feel so bad for that little baby.
    Beat your son about the head. I'll come help you. If he wasn't so messed up, he'd be in a pretty good position for custody at this point. Maybe you can hope for a wake up call?

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