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    joestocker42 Guest

    Child support modification in NC

    Does anybody know what is needed to get a child support amount raised in nc before the three year mark. my ex only pays $50 a month but makes over 1400.00 a month and pays no medical or other expenses. i alone have had to pay for surgery, braces, and my insurance deductible is increasing in march from 250 to 500, and i only make 1600.00 a month

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    Ashlee1443 Guest
    Isn't it a shame? Some people get away with nothing...I started the process of child support modification in Oct. 2001...I filed a motion before my three years also. You can email me directly if you'd like to discuss the process, it's easier through email, rather then on the boards. I also live in North Carolina...you can also read my posts regarding child support increase...my posts are under Ashlee1443. My email address is [email]aclark0627@aol.com[/email]

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    carolinaheat Guest
    you can certainly go back to court before the three year mark if you can show a substantial change of circumstances. There is a website [url]www.rosen.com[/url] that provides alot of information for child support and custody statutes in north carolina. There is also a section under child support issues where you can figure up how much he should be paying in child support. If you have primary, and he has EOW visitation, then you need to use Worksheet A of the NC Guidelines. All you have to do is key in how many children, his income, your income, your insurance premium for the child and any daycare expenses. After all of those figures are keyed in, hit the calculate button at the bottom, and it will calculate what he should be paying for you. Print this whole Worksheet out and show him the next time that he has visitation the amount that he is supposed to be paying, and then file a motion to modify with the Court. You can do this yourself by going to the Clerk of Court's office in the county the original paperwork was filed in, and ask them for the forms to file for a modification. They will give you a court date then. You will need last years W-2 or your last four check stubs, proof of insurance premium payment and proof of daycare expenses with you when you go. He will be required to bring the same thing. If you don't want to hassle with it, I suggest going to your county DSS office, Child Support Enforcement division, for $25.00 up front and 10% of your weekly child support payment, they will have his wages garnished, and keep up with his payments. If he gets thirty days behind, the will immediately set up a contempt hearing to find out why, and to get you your money.
    Hope this helps you out. I live in NC and have the same type of hearing on January 28, and my ex is refusing to pay anything.

    So, good luck!!!!!!!!

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