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    charlene lupo Guest
    In tennessee if a child is in college does child support stop at the age of 18 or continues until 21?

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    charlene lupo Guest
    how do i know what the answer is? this is my first time

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    wayboro Guest
    Does the decree specify when support ends? Does it have any language in it about paying for college and/or continuing support during college? If not, it is my understanding that child support ends when the child turns 18 or graduates from HS, whichever is last to occur. If there is language in the decree that states you cannot just stop paying, or you are at all uncertain, you should check with an attorney or check through the court system where decree finalized. If there are other children still being supported, you probably have to get a change or modification order drawn up to REDUCE support for the remaining child/children. I would be very careful about just stopping support without being sure regardless of other children or not.
    I am not an attorney, this is only an opinion based on some familiarity with Tenn c/s issues.
    You should seek legal advice if decree unclear.
    Hope that helps--let me know what you find out for sure.

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    Are you paying or receiving the support?

    You can contact the CSEU and request that a modification be done to the order. You can show them that the child is enrolled in college and you can request that the support continue. If it is allowable in your state, they will draw the paperwork up and present it to the judge. Who will decide if support will continue and what amount of support it will be. If it isn't, they will inform you of that to.

    In some cases, you will have to show that the child is registered in college (there may even be a set amount of hours that they have to attend a semester). You have to show that the child is still your dependent. They live under your roof (no dorms) and that you are providing the necessities for them (food, clothing, shelter, etc.)

    You can ask for the ex to pay for a portion of the college expense also. If you are going back for a modification to the support order, you can ask for anything. The judge will determine what or if you will receive it.

    Good Luck!


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