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    Child is in Ohio. I am in Virginia. What are some common visitation schedules made by the court for parents and children who live in different states? I looked on the home question page and couldn't find an answer to this one. Thanks

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    What do you have now? Did you move or did she move? A lot of it probably has to do with what you can afford to do. If you moved then you may be responsible for all transportation costs (check your local laws), but if you can afford to fly your child out on a regular basis I would think that you could get regular contact (especially if you have maintained a good relationship with your child.) For example: one weekend per month (long weekends during school year) half of their school vacations and most of the summer (if not all). That is purely my opinion. We live in CA and moved about 3 1/2 years agao (about 5 hours away) and we maintained the same visitation as when we lived down there (did lots of driving and paid for all the gas,time off, etc.), but it was worth it! We have been able to maintain a good relationship with my husbands son and he realizes how much we love him because of how hard we work to be a part of his life. So my advice, go for what you can and make it work. The money you invest into your relationship with your child is worth every penny and then some!

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    i don't know if this will help you very much, but LadyBlu (who I have actually missed reading on the boards of late) posted this once and it is in great detail. Of course, your order can say anything that the two of you are willing to agree to. alot will depend upon the finances of both parents and what you can actually afford. you don't mention the age of the child(ren) but that will also play a factor, along with the distance involved.

    anyways...here it is.


    When Mom and Dad are separated by distance

    Here’s the standard visitation when the child and the non-custodial parent are separated by distance, also phrased with Mom as the custodial parent:

    The Husband shall have the right to the have the children with him as follows:

    One weekend a month, to begin on Saturday at 8 am and to End on Sunday at 4 pm.

    6 weeks during each summer, time to be selected by the Father, provided, however, that Husband shall have notified the Wife of the dates of the intended visitation at least 30 days before such visitation. (Not to started until the school year is complete and to finish at least one week prior to school starting back up)

    Each Christmas, beginning on December 25th, at 3:00 pm and ending New Years’ Day at 3:00 pm.

    During odd years, Spring Break vacation from 9:00 am Saturday until the following Saturday at 6:00 pm

    During the even years, Thanksgiving vacation from 6:00 pm Wednesday until Sunday at 3:00 pm

    Any other reasonable times the Husband is in the town in which the minor children reside. Husband shall give 48 hours’ notice and the visitation should be no longer than 48 hours in duration.

    At such other times as agreed upon between the parties.

    During any period of visitation, after the children have reach the age of 12 years, the said children may travel by commercial airliner, provided:
    - the husband shall pay HALF of all air fares for the transportation of said children.
    - Paid to the Wife at time of purchase, at least 3 weeks prior to flight
    - Documentation of costs will be supplied to the Father.
    - All travel arrangements shall be made by the mother
    - The mother shall notify the husband not less than 10 days of the date of the visitation, of the date, time airline and flight number of the proposed carrier.
    - Shall be required to deliver the children to the nearest commercial airport offering direct flight service to the airport at which the husband will receive the children, not to be in excess of 150 miles from Wife’s residence.
    - Wife shall pick up said children at the termination of the period of visitations.
    - Husband shall ensure that either he or the children notifies the wife of the arrival of the children as soon as possible after the children are met by the Husband.
    - At the end of the period of visitation, the husband shall notify the wife of the dates, time, carrier, and flight number of the return flight of the children, the wife shall ensure that either she or the children notify the husband of the children’s return.

    The husband shall enjoy the right of telephone visitation each Wednesday, between the hours of 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm local time with the minor children, at the Husband’s expense. The wife shall not interfere with the telephone conversation during the said period of time.
    - The children will also have access to call their father during the week.

    Each parent shall keep the other informed of the primary residence and telephone number where the Children reside or visit.

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