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    Question Contempt of Court

    Can the custodial parent be held in contempt of court if the non-custodial parent did not pursue his visitation as per the court order for child support.

    I moved to another state back in 1992 and notified my son's father in writing that I had moved. I also sent Domestic Relations my change of address as well. I never heard from him and assumed he got the letter and didn't want a relationship with his son. I didn't pursue the case in court because I thought that at that time if there was a child support order and the non-custodial did not pay a red flag would go up and they would attempt to locate that parent and make them pay. Well I was wrong because 10 years later I had to go on Medicaid so my son would have some insurance and I had to notify that state that there was a child support order. They were able to locate the father and notified him that he owed a large amount of money. He is now planning to fight this in court because he says that I just up and left without notifying him and I never tried to contact him in ten years. (I did try to find him but at the time I didn't have a ss# only his name which is VERY common) btw he didnt try to find me or his child either (my last name is not very common and can be found easily). Anyway, he says I can be held in contempt of court because I didn't notify him of the move. But he can be held in contempt of court as well for not notifying the state that he had moved and changed employers. So we have a sticky situation here.. Does anyone know of any cases where the custodial parent went to jail 10 years later?

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    Did he visit your son before you moved? May not be important, just curious. It kills me how these parents can just go on with their lives......
    Anyway, do you have proof you sent him a notice of intent to move? That would probably be more important. If you can prove you sent him a notice, he probably won't have a leg to stand on. But if not, it will be a bit more difficult on your part. I don't know if you can go to jail 10 years after the fact, maybe someone else can answer that question.....

    Good luck, I may not have helped alot, but I kept your post up at the top for a while for you

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    you haven't listed the states involved, so you probably won't get many replies. sorry. list the states and people are more able to give you better answers.

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    So he's behind on CS? Is this being handled through CSE? Because they should have went after him way before now. Basically it's going to be your word against his. So it's going to depend on the judge. But you can bring up the fact you also left your forwarding address with Domestic Relations as well. Actually I don't think you have alot to worry about because if he really wanted to see his kids he would have been trying to contact the courts and the police to track you down way before now. If I was the judge I would ask him about that. So I don't know. But good luck. You might want to try contacting the magistrate or DA for more advice.

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