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Thread: Courts Suck

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    Courts Suck

    Hubby's visitation case was adjourned YET again. Is there a time limit in NY for a case on denial of visitation to be heard. It's almost been a year. Judge has called out sick several times. Other judges just adjourn it. All the evidence and therapy reports point to mother as the interfering factor. No one has blamed hubby, yet it seems like he never gets a fair day in court. Will his case ever be completely heard and come to a resolution?????????

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    moni Guest
    he hasnt seen his kids in 1 year? courts really do suck, even here in california. now i am really wondering how it is going to go for me in january, until then i cant visit my daughter either, it is up to the therapist to determine how much time we spend together, and all this because the mother makes it frustrated visits or even denies my court order visitation.

    did you guys hire a lawyer? what can be done for the time lost not seeing our kids? who compensates for all the time lost? what happened to father rights? thanks

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    I have replied to your posts before and think you are going through what my hubby is. I know you can request makeup visitation for time lost. We are looking into suing the mother civilly for interference with visitation. Again, everything points to her and my hubby feels he should be compensated for all of the time he lost with his child because of her and her mental problem!

    Father's rights just don't exist. It's a nice phrase someone thought of, but when it comes down to it - they really have none. But God forbid you guys miss child support, they'll hunt you down and treat you like a criminal. Meanwhile the mother's keep on skating by when they interfere with visitation - obviously not realizing they are ruining their own children because of the hate they feel towards their ex's.

    In our case, therapist says it's the mother. Now if we could get the friggin judge to hear the evidence, we could move right along.

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