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    Custody of an 18 year old?

    What is the name of your state? NY

    If a child turns 18 and decides to move out of CP's home and into NCP's is this considered emancipation? If not than is it possible for the NCP to go for custody and/or support?

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    no, turning 18 is considered emancipation. He's an adult. He can live with the devil if he wants.

    There IS no custody after he turns 18 and support is done unless the order is for longer with specific conditions that are being followed.

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    One more question

    Thanks BelizeBreeze. I know you may tear me apart on this but does it make a difference in NY if the child (soon to be 18) is female? TIA

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    Quote Originally Posted by BelizeBreeze
    support is done unless the order is for longer with specific conditions that are being followed.
    NYS specifies support until 21, unless the child is emancipated by way of fulltime employment, enlistment in the military or marriage. But a court has to order the support ended.

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    A parents liability , in NY, for the support of his or her children is limited to children under the age of 21 years. In the absence of an express or implied contract, parents have no duty to support an adult child. For custody, visitation and other purposes, the age of majority is age 18, but for purposes of the parental support obligation the age of majority remains at 21. The mutual parental duty of child support is not absolute. It may be suspended or terminated before the child is 21 if the child becomes emancipated by becoming economically independent of his/her parents through employment, by marriage or entry into the military service. Under unusual circumstances, a child may be deemed emancipated if he/she is guilty of outrageous misbehavior, such as makes it inequitable to enforce the support obligation, or if without cause, he/she withdraws from parental control and supervision.

    Wouldn't it be nice if every state went by the same law governing CS? Do kids drink weard water in NY?

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