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    i was wondering how easy it would to be to get custody of my niece, my sister is an unfit mother, she let her child go to school with lice, it is so bad my niece's head is infected!! my niece's father i know would fight me, he doesnt come around all that much, sometimes not at all, there has been times he hasnt seen her for months or years.... if i called child welfare would my niece be taken off of my sister and given to the father or would they take my niece from both and give her to me? i would love to get custody of her but im not sure if its the best thing. and what would be involved if i decided to take them to court and have both parents found unfit??

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    ndea25 Guest
    I'm not an expert by any means, but I think that you're going to need a lot more proof to show that your sister is an unfit parent. The only thing you have mentioned is head lice and that is not uncommon for school-age children. Is there more that you haven't mentioned?

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    Taylordiane Guest
    well, do parents usually let it get to the point where the childs head is infected? and this has been going on ever since my niece had hair, shes 5!
    my sister steals, now my niece is cause mommy does it, my sister has left my niece with strange men, she has left her daughter with me while they had no home and she would go from friends house to friends house, my niece has seen people hancuffed by police and led out of her home, ther have been drugs and alcohol around her..
    i have a notebook of things her dad has done, i was told to keep it in case he ever tried to get custody of her.
    i had to call child welfare one time because a place where they lived they had rats, the rats even lived in a couch my niece slept on!

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    ndea25 Guest
    No, parents don't usually let the situation get that bad. All I was saying was that you would need more than that to prove them unfit. Now that you have added this information, I'm sure you will get some advice from some of the "seniors" on this site. What happened when child welfare was called about the rats?

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    Taylordiane Guest
    they didnt do a thing! i was so upset too! youd think they would have taken action then...

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    To have any chance at all, you need some meat and potatoes to go with your peas.. meaning you do not have enough to petition for custody. This is providing you have the 3k you need for a custody battle in the first place. If CPS will not act, then you are already minus in the points war.. However, if you endlessly call CPS, they will list you as a trouble maker and you then have no chance.. your only hope is to wait for the biggie.. the situation so bad that CPS does get involved. Then you file for custody.

    However, all it will take is for the parents to sort themselves out and in x years time could then take you back to court for custody. Bio parents carry a lot of weight in court over non bio parents.

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    Taylordiane Guest
    ok, thank you very much.

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