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    coyote247 Guest

    Daycare vs. Private School Tuition

    What is the name of your state? Michigan

    My ex-wife and I were divorced in Oct 2001. In our divorce settlement it was stated that no child support was necessary at that time, but I was to pay 50% of the daycare costs. We share joint legal custody. It was also stated that she could file for child support at anytime, but it would be effective the day she filed, and not get back support.

    I was paying my 50% in daycare costs up until June 2003. That is when my ex-wife decided to enroll my 4 year old son in very expensive summer camps. Averaging about $1600/month. My wife makes double what I make and could afford to send him to these camps. I expressed my concern that I could not afford this, but she went ahead and enrolled him anyway and told me to pay her what I could.

    Then in September of 2003 she enrolled him in a private school for pre-school. The TUITION per 9 month year is $8300. With before and after school care it is $9600. I again told her I could not afford $500 a month for tuition/daycare AND give her money for child support. But again she enrolled him.

    I paid her as much as I could possibly afford each month. Because I was not able to give her the amount she requested we are now going to Friend of the Court to settle it. She is claiming that the $9600 a year she pays is DAYCARE not tuition plus daycare. And also claiming a $4000 arrear because I did not pay for 1/2 of his summer camps and 1/2 of his private school tuition.

    The way I see it is that I am responsible for child support + day care expenses. Which his day care comes to about $170 a month. I am willing to pay 1/2 of that plus whatever the court orders me to pay in actual child support.

    My biggest question is...Can I be required to pay his tuition costs AND before & after school daycare costs when there is a suitable public school in the area?

    I want to give my child as much as I can. But if I am required to pay $500/month for child care and then child support on top of that I will not be able to maintain a home to take care of my child in.

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    coyote247 Guest
    Any help or advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a hearing coming up next week and I'm going nuts and can't find any information on whether NCP's are responsible for tuition or just daycare.

    Thank you.

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    You need an attorney and you need to petition the court to have the order specify that any private school tuition shall be her responsibilty and that you want your child in public school. And that your share of daycare costs shall be based upon typical daycare fees for the area. She can choose a very pricey camp if she wishes, but, if the order states that you pay based on usual rates, she will be responsible for the difference.

    Or you can petition to have the child split their camp experience between this pricey camp (2 weeks instead of the whole summer there. My kid has her summer broken up between different programs) and other programs offered through your school district, Y, or HS rec departments. Ours have all sorts of great summer programs and produce some of the top tennis players in the state.

    FYI- My 6 year old is excelling in public school first grade and has had an amazing staff available to her.

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