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    concrnwife2 Guest

    Question dropping child support

    i need to know if it is legal for the custodial parent to drop child support payments on the non-custodial parent? Concerned Wife #2 in Georgia

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    missjasmine Guest
    Why would the CP want to do such a thing? By not wanting the money the child is being deprived of things. Also, the NCP should be aware that if he/she strikes up some kind of verbal agreement with the CP to not pay child support it could come back to bite them, big time. What if the CP has to go on public assistance? The state will want to be reimbursed and will make life hell for the NCP. More details please.

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    PewterPower Guest
    Probably, the courts would not allow it to be dropped in any case. they are very skeptical about REDUCING child support lower than the basic obligation, and will almost never change it more than 5 or 10%. The only way to drop the support that I am aware of is to have someone else adopt the child.

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    Lil Miss Smarty Panties Guest
    I don't understand what the big deal is about dropping a support case. I had a child support order on my ex husband once and all I did was call the CSE department and told them to drop it. End of story, it was dropped. Of course this was about 15 years ago and things may be different now but how can they force you to keep a support case open if you don't want to? What if you were split up at the time of the order but 6 months later you get back together? Is a man suppose to pay his wife child support while they live in the same house?

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