in short, I have been living with a girl for 7 yrs; we have hree children together (5 & 4 yr old twins) When we met she was a
widow with a 110 day old boy who is now 7. Last year we got into an agrument (the relationship was going down hill) and I was arrested for domestic abuse-a shove which she lied and swore i beat the crap out of her because I had asked her to leave my house. Because of my criminal past (I'm on parole for a cds violation) my
lawyer advised me to give her everything to stet docket the case and keep me out of jail. The judge court ordered me out of my house, granting possession of the house to her for 1 yr, custody
of the children, and a 1k a month in child support.
I have returned 3 times now in the past yr at her encourging only to figure out she was in financial trouble and I was her bail-out. As of March 13th of '02, the exparte is no longer in effect and I get my house back and custody returns to joint. I'm still in the house as of this writting.
Our relationship is failing bad right now, she claims to be moving on April 1st. She expect to take the children and me pay her child-support. Over the past month she has tried to provoke me into violence, had affairs, and hasn't contributed financially towards the houshold expenses. She is an alcoholic and drug abuser who lost custody of two children in her 1st marriage due
to drugs (10-14 yrs ago) and then went to jail for parental kidnapping. She has gone as far as to put drugs in my coffee pot which I preset in the house and caused my to have two dirty urines with the parole board; which had lead me to participate in drug rehab classes to stay out of jail only to come home to find her drunk and stoned and verbally abusung me and the children.
I have no intention of letting her take my children or continue to be a paycheck for her. Iwould agree to joint custody without support but she's going to fight it or disappear with the children.
I am by far a better parent (not bias, just facts), better educated and more financially sound than she is, however I'm afraid if this ends up in court and our past gets surfaced the judge may decide to take the children away form both of us. I also
want custody of her 7 yr old son who I have raised.
I'm not sue I will make it until March 13th when the exparte ends let alone April 1st. Something is gonna give, and I'm afraid I'll be in jail and she'll be living in my house except the nights she's out and about, then God knows who's watching my children.
Please advise me on what to do. Most lawyers want a min. of 10k which I don't have. I need help bad.
Also, can she move without notification since we are not married or could I????????