What is the name of your state? MN

Yesterday, my husband (CP) received court paperwork stating that the Motion for Reveiw of Child support was denied. Well, this Motion was submitted/requested by his ex-wife (NCP). We were never notified that there was a hearing date set up. Luckily, the judge denied it before it went that far because my husband would have missed it since he was never notified.

He called the court administration immediately. They stated that she had filled this paperwork out in her own handwriting and had it notorized stating that she mailed my husband and human services copies 17 days before this was to take place. She purposely did not send my husband a copy so he would not be able to be present in the hearing. In the past, she has repeatedly made false accusations that my husband and his lawyer were not sending her important paperwork. Now she is actually doing this to us. This is a very serious matter. How can my husband protect himself so he does not miss any further court dates that she may file for? Can we charge her with something for doing this?