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Thread: grandma?

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    What is the name of your state? TX and CO

    Wondering of best interest of child if the father has never met his son and grandma wants relationship with grandson.

    Our case was filed in April. So far paternity not established, no child support, and the father has no plans to file for visitation.

    The grandmother contacted me last week and is putting on heavy pressure to see her grandson. We've had issues in the past of her being in the middle and problems arising that way. I think we can work through that, but still have some pretty big concerns about emotional confusion for my son.

    Any ideas about what's best for the child?

    p.s. My attorney and I have discussed filing TPR for abandonment if a couple years go by.

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    barring her having been awarding visitation rights by the court you are currently under no obligation to allow visitation with paternal gma, is this in the best interest of your child? you know best...

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    My gut sense is it's best not to. Just checking myself I guess.

    She's laying on a pretty heavy guilt trip if I say no (like I'm taking all of her happiness away). I've currently told her I'll get back with her in a month.

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    You cannot TPR when paternity hasn't even been established. Until paternity is established, he is under no obligation to pay support or visit. He isn't the legal father. And unless you are married and your new husband is going to adopt, a TPR is out of the question.

    As for grandma, that is a moral issue, and one we cannot help you with. You could be denying your child his/her grandparent, but you could also be avoiding a headache. At this point, since he is not legally the father, she is not legally the grandmother....

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    Orders for establishing paternity were filed in April. Whether by default, dna or affidavit, I'm assuming paternity will be established this year. Isn't there a time frame?

    As for TPR, I wasn't sure I wanted to but my attorney said in TX he can do this for best interest of child if the father abandons the child for a year.

    I understand I'm not owed child support until paternity is established. I told grandma she could have visitation when her son got all this in order. The grandma then said that I am her only hope for seeing her grandson.

    My dilema is that is seems either way I go will cause heartache. You're right, it is a moral issue.

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