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    ahampton Guest

    Question help on lowering childsupport

    we are in Texas. my husband was a bad boy in beginning, but has made big change in life. now owes back pay, is paying extra $100 on top of $400(based on pay when lived in houston,tx. now lives in san angelo, tx, makes less now)found out that the extra on back pay is not even covering interest on back due, this is for one child that we had hidden from us for 1yr exactly, i tracked her down through schools. he has another daughter he pays $385 for. so we have 2 different cases, so we will have to have 2 different lawyers or what? My husband knows he did wrong,went off the deep end disappearing, he knows he owes money and is trying to pay, but breathing room is needed. can we get support lowered? is there charity lawyers? how much will lawyers in houston tx cost, especially with 2 different cases? what help can we get, the ex moms rarely let us talk to the girls and my husband is very close to his oldest girl 11yrs, the youngest is 6 and is very much a moma's girl which is understandable. we have no problem paying support to the girls, but is does make it very tight when you pay more in child support than what you bring home after taxes, sometimes it doesnt even cover the full childsupport amount, because law does not allow more childsupport be taken out than sent home, so therefore more backpay is accumulated. HELP!

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    lcollins Guest
    You could use the same lawyer for both cases. Have them file a petition to modify child support - hubby will have to show his change in income - if he doesn't get to see the youngest child, why doesn't he file for visitation - and if visitation is in order and mom just refuses, she is in contempt of court. Hubby will still owe the support amount that is past due - but should be able to get current payments reduced.

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    ahampton Guest

    lawyers in houston tx

    thanks for the advice, it is greatly appreciated. now, does anyone no a good lawyer that charges fair prices in houston tx. I know we have to get this done, but what i am afraid of is the cost of the lawyers to do so. we can hardly get all the childsupport paid much less, have to pay a lawyer fee.

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    lcollins Guest
    You may want to try calling the bar association and ask for a referal - see if there are any lawyers in your area that work on a sliding fee scale to work with your income.

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