I live in the state of Indiana and the mother of two boys now ages 8 and 11. I have not been with my ex husband for over two years now. As in many divorces my ex began seeking revenge on me without thought of his children. There were times that he wouldn't excercise his visitation simply because it would inconvience me if I had plans or what not. In the beginning I did EVERYTHING I could for him to have a relationship with our boys. I would provide all the transportation, even when I moved to another town. Even when necessary I would provide food for the time in which our boys were with him. I let this go on for over a year. After two months of what I thought was a good start at contact in which I as I stated drove the boys every other weekend to see him he cut off visitation stating he didn't have any place to take them. My ex husband is an alcoholic and seems to always have the money for his alcohol but not for a place of his own in which he can take his children or transportation let alone pay support. He has quit jobs soon after support is taken out of his check just simply to not pay. I told him over and over that it was NEVER about money. I now live nearly 80 miles from him with a wonderful man that has taken the role that their father should be playing. When he did excercise his visitation he did nothing but lie to our children. The last time in which he saw them in June of this past year was the last straw of his continuing lies he sat them both down and told them that he was dying and that they would never see him again. Both boys immediately asked several family members about this and realized he had lied. When he was confronted about what they had said he simply laughed saying that they had "misunderstood" however did not speak to them about it. This so upset my older boy that he suffered what we believe to be a migraine headache accompanied by vomiting. This continued all day until I literally drove up to my house, amazingly he was fine and played with his friends. I at this point contacted my ex through e-mail letting him know that I was not allowing for this to continue and I would stop all contact. Legally in the state of Indiana I am not to stop visitation for any reason. I contacted our government Legal Aide to see about assistance for taking him to court to file for NOTHING less then supervised visitation in which I was willing if need be to take them weekly to see him. However at the current time I can not afford to get a lawyer and take him to court. I don't think I have a fear really of him taking me to court however within the state laws he has the right to show at my door any time and see the children. He knows of my current town but not the exact address. However, I live in a very small town and it wouldn't be hard to find. I have asked in the past for him to turn over all parental rights letting him know that I will not now nor ever go after current, back or future support. I am not asking him to turn parental rights over to another man but to me only. I have been searching online to find the forms thinking if he actually had them in hand I would have a better chance of getting him to sign them but have not been able to find them. At the current time I don't even know for sure what his address is but was willing to send it to a family member in which would give it to him. I don't know what else to do. My children have been harmed over and over by this man and his lies. I think the only reason he has refused in the past to sign over his rights is that for one it is something that I want and for two that he likes the IDEA of telling people that he has children. I'm hoping someone here can help me with advice.

Thank you