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    Unhappy I need help getting custody of my grandson?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? I live in South Carolina, and when my daugther was 16 yrs old she gave me soul custody of her 5 month old because she could not handle the responsiblity. The father was a drug dealer who never was around let alone claim my grandson as being his. So I began to raise him and he looked at me as his mother. But when he became 10 yrs old his father pops up acting like he wants to spend time with him and get to know him. So I agreed to a certain extent but soon as I went back to get my grandson from his father. They had me in a custody battle saying I couldn't get him back unless I had custody papers. And his wife hired a lawyer, they know as a single parent I couldn't afford one. I need a pro bono lawyer to help me get my grandson back. They won't even let me call him or come and see him. I feel like he is being abused and is really not happy because he doesn't know them like he grew up knowing me and his mother's side of the family. Can somebody help me please?? This is only the short story version but if somebody is willing to help me I will give you the whole breakdown of everything...

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    He didn't know his dad just like he didn't know you when he first came to live with you. That's not abuse. I'm a grandmother; I understand wanting to rescue children from selfish or unstellar parents, but nothing you said would terminate Dad's rights. Had Dad ever established himself legally as father? Is there an existing child support order? Custody/visitation order? Why do you think Dad is currently not fit to parent his child? And, please don't cite it's because he didn't pay attention to the baby for the 1st 10 months of his life. That's not a legal reason.

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    Was this granting of sole custody done through the courts? Where is your daughter?

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    Wiley it wasn't 10 months; it was 10 years. But otherwise, yeah, I'm in agreement.

    OP, when you were "given custody", I'm guessing that that wasn't established in court? Dad would have had to have been notified and would have had to agree. If it wasn't a legal agreement, signed by a judge, then whatever agreement you had with Mom wouldn't hold up in court. And where is Mom, BTW?

    (However, I wonder if given the 10 years of time with the child, if OP wouldn't have some standing to fight for visitation?)

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